Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cake, Camping, pink hair

My moms birthday was the 20th. We had a little party at her house and I smooshed the cake in her face kinda on accident, kinda not, but then she got me back...good fun. I rubbed my chocolate face on Audree, but she didn't think it was so funny, she cried.

Father and Sons! Clark was able to take Ethan this year with my brother-in-law, Geoff, to the ward Priesthood recognition camp or what ever they are calling it now. Here is their tent.

Ethan liked the fire.

My favorite boys, camping!

This pic is random, but fun. I gave my niece, Lucy, pink hair! She loved it!


Clark has been building these big planter boxes to go in the backyard for gardening. He has worked so hard and they turned out great! Soon we will have carrots, cucumber, melons, peaches, oranges, green beans, strawberries, spinach, tomatoes, cantelope! I hope it will be fun for the kids to help us weed and water. I know it will be good to teach them about the earth. Plant a garden and watch it grow

We hope to paint the brick so it will be the same color as the wall.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sunshine! and Peach Festival

Audree is in a singing and dancing group called Sunshine Generation and she was in her first performance last weekend at the Peach Festival. She did pretty well for her first time on stage.

After Audree's singing and dancing we had a great time playing at the fair and picking yummy peaches! I was so glad that my dad came! The hayride to the orchard with blue ice stained all over the kids mouths!

Ethan had a great time picking up all the peaches off of the ground

Grandpa picked us some good peaches!