Thursday, October 4, 2007

train ride

A few friends came with us the Irvine park to spend the day at the zoo and go on a fun train ride. Audree was too cool to smile for the picture but she is sporting her nice shades. It was a beautiful day and a fun outing.


Sharing with our new friend Cienna

beach time

This is Ethan with his little friend Natalie. We tried to make the most of the beach this summer. It is amazing how much sand their little bodies can hold and deposite in my car and all over the bathroom at home! Ethan thought it was his personal job to find all of the shells and rocks and throw them back in to the ocean. He was very proud of himself everytime he sucessfully completed that mission.

family life

We moved. We love this little 3 bedroom. The kids especially love the big backyard. We live 2 blocks away from Disneyland and we can hear the fireworks loud and clear every night at 9:30 in the summer. Our address is Garden Grove, but across the street is Anahiem. The neighborhood is really quiet, mostly old people. Our next door neighbors just moved into an assisted living home, so we dont have new neighbors yet.
This is our first blog. I hope you enjoy it.