Saturday, November 29, 2008

'4th' Tag

This is the 4th photo in my 4th folder in my 4th folder (we have lots of folders so I just kept picking the 4th one). Its my brother, Dan, holding Audree with my mom giving her a kiss. We are in San Diego for some fun before my parents moved to AZ. My sis-in-law, Sandy, is in the background.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Ethan had his first emergency room visit last weekend. I knew he would be destined for an e.r. trip before his third birthday. He can be so crazy. I don't even think that he walks anymore, he is always running. His new favorite thing it to wrestle with his dad. So he ran into one of our dinning room chairs, they have arms on the head and foot chairs. He smacked right into the arm of the chair and flew back. I watched it happen! The noise was so loud I jumped up (I was still in my chair). We had some family over for dinner and the table was pushed out a little farther than he is used to so when he ran by there was no hope. He hit right on his brow bone and ripped open his eyelid. He was such a trooper though. luckily it was almost bedtime so we packed him in the car with a bottle and Audree went home with my parents (thanks guys, your the best). He only cried for a minute or two. They doctor put some topical anesthetic on for about an hour. In that time he had fallen asleep. Yay! He slept right through the stitches. Taking them out was the hard part. The poor little guy. I guess his skin started to grow over the stitches and they had to pull the skin back out. He sat there still as could be and when they were done he turned to me and said 'that really hurt me'. The scar is almost gone now and it is barely noticeable. Ethan makes me nervous a lot. He is so crazy and has cheated death too many times before! and he is not yet three years old! Boys! They are nuts!

in the e.r. waiting room

waiting for the doctor

fell asleep waiting for the anesthetic

right after they ripped of the tape from his eyelid

a few days later (during a nap) his eye turned every color under the sun

taking them out!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy and Terrified!

Many prayers have been answered with the passing of prop 8 in The Golden State and prop 102 in Sunshine State. YAY! I was so worried about what this prop could do to our church, and just that it was an issue again after we already voted for it as prop 14 years ago! Anyway, happy happy happy for the sanctity of marriage to be confirmed in our state constitutions!

But lo, what sudden darkness veils the skies! Really America?!? Obama!? I know a few of my fellow LDS friends who support this nonsense! I am afraid for the future. I know that some people just want change, because they think Bush has done a terrible job presiding over this great nation of ours, (I don't) but we need GOOD change, not just ANY change! Obama is for 'live abortion'. If you don't know what that is look it up( ). I cannot believe that an LDS person can have a clean conscience and vote for this!!! Health Care problems will not fixed by making it mandatory. Bringing our troops home under his plan will, I am convinced, lead to a 3rd world war. Redistributing wealth will not solve personal debt problems. Stem cell research. So many jobs will be lost to over seas workers. He is not even proud to be an American...All of these issues and many more are signs of the times. The time is nearer than we think. But when I think of the Second coming I am glad. I pray for the end to be soon every night, so I guess I did pray for Obama, I guess I can't be too upset, even though I did not vote for him.

I think it was my brother, Dan, who gave me a wonderful solution. We should all move to Mexico and demand free health care, food, and education. May God bless America, now more than ever.