Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sewing and Christmas fun!


My cutie pies before church! Kenton is always serious, really...I don't have many pictures where he is smiling. Mostly he has 'angry eyes'.

Aunt Sandy (Dan's talented wife) made this personalized blanket for Audree a long time ago. Sandy and I recently found the left over fabric so I made this cute nightgown for her to match it. It is a little big because I made it in a size 7, but at least it will last!

Audree got this mural from my mom for Christmas and lots of little butterflies to put all around her room. She loves it and now her walls are not bare. Thanks mom!

These were the kids Christmas jammies, even though the print has nothing to do with Christmas. It is just cute fabric that Sandy had and it says "I am a Child of God". Kenny is too little for real jammy pants so I made his like overalls with button shoulders. I love matching siblings!! So fun.
I hope that everyone has felt the love of our Savior this Christmas Season. I know that I have many times. It really helps me to keep an eternal perspective on life and always remember what is most important to me: loving my family! I really do have the best family ever and I am so glad that we will be together forever. Always say 'I love you!' to the people who matter most. And if you didn't get a Christmas card from me, I am so sorry, but we ran out of stamps and money or maybe I just don't have your address but either way, here it is:

Monday, December 14, 2009


This past week has been very sad for my family. My cousin, Kari, lost her husband a week ago today. The sad story is explained here:

It is hard to see how a Higher Power didn't have a hand in this tragedy. It was Skylar's time to go. He was described by his father to be a great son, and by his Firechief to be the best firefighter, and by his mother as a miracle. I am so glad to know of our Father's plan for us and that we will all be together again. I don't know how people survive tragedies like this without that knowledge. Kari is an amazingly strong woman. Five years is not long to spend with the love of your life. Those precious kids will only have the memories of others to remember their father with, but they are good, strong memories. So many people are comming together to help Kari and her family. If anyone feels the desire, an account has been setup at Wells Fargo in the name of Stock Family Donation Fund to help support Kari short term as needed. The acct# is 7218152986. Skylar we love and miss you. An excellent father, husband and selfless example to us all.

Here is a link to another blog who is helping them out:

We love you Kari and you will always be in our prayers! Rest in peace, Skylar.