Monday, September 28, 2009

Kenton's Blessing

The little man of the hour:
In his tux, looking so handsome!

What a special day for our family! People came from far and near to bless and celebrate our beautiful boy. We have such a loving family.

Uncle Daivd took the last of the yummy juice.

Ethan, Clark, Geoff and my dad enjoying sandwiches and my new lovely curtains that the talented Sandra helped me with!

Clark's family: Brit, Uncle Kim, Lisa, Kristen, Kendra and Kimball.

More happy family. It was a full house!

We have been counting our blessings and we feel so rich!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Love for the kids

Ethan is always so much fun. I love this age, I guess it seems that he is just getting more fun every year. He says the darndest things and keeps us laughing, and he is so sweet. He is interacting a bit more with his little brother, but mostly he just says 'YOUR BABY IS CRYING MOM!!'

Audree is such a good sister to her brothers. She and Ethan will play together all day long, I might have to help with a few disagreements but overall I think they get along great and I only hope it lasts. She loves to hold Kenny and seem to think she can walk around with him just fine, but I am following close behind. She has had a rough start with first grade, but I am learning to give more love and patience. I love this girl.

Kenny is a wonderful addition to our family and I just love him to death!!

Monday, September 7, 2009


The birthing experience went very quick. I was scheduled for an induction ealry on thursday so when I went in they just broke my water because I was aldready dialated to a four. I opted for the IV drugs beacuse I was nervous for the epidural, big mistake!! The drugs knocked me out, but I could still feel ALL the pain. I must have been making a lot of noise because someone finally asked me if I wanted an epidural and I was able to shake my head 'YES!' So by that time I was at an eight and about an hour later was able to start pushing. Four hours in all and three pushes later we could hear him crying and it was all over. My doctor had to use suction to get him to turn because he was sunny-side-up, but it was quick and he came right out. But let me tell you: IT HURT!!! right up unitl I was able to have the epidural I thought I was going to die. I couldn't get my eyes open or speak to tell someone how much pain I was in from the labor. I must have gotten the epidural early with my other two kids beacuse I dont remember it hurting THAT bad. Yikes! At least I didn't have to get stitches. Whew, but it's over and I am so glad that I did it! I love my baby, even when he wakes me up from a deep and much needed sleep.
I did it! It was very exhausting, but I managed in the end to birth a healthy little boy.

I LOVE this boy!

Our new complete family.

Ethan would not hold him. He hardly looked at him!

We are so happy that he is finally here and not causing any more trouble for my body.

Proud daddy!

7lbs. 5 oz.

Here he is, a few days old, in his swing at home.

Audree is so happy to have a new baby to hold!

He's here! Kenton is such a joy. The love in our family increases with every beautiful child! Heavenly Father has blessed us with a healthy bundle of cuteness! That's all we wanted.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

cute sleeping kenny and crayons

If you can't read these prices, let me tell you: sixteen crayons will cost you one dollar and twelve cents, or twenty-four crayons will cost you thirty cents. For real???!!!???

This is my heart melting: