Thursday, August 12, 2010

"The Talk"

Yes, THAT one. It happened. I've been trying to avoid it long enough. Audree really wants a little sister and I keep saying that it's up to her Dad (I want one, he doesn't). She didn't understand why it was his choice because she knows I am the one that grows the baby. She has been very insistent lately and I have been very vague. So today we went to her room and lay under her covers and had "the talk". I was specific, but still in a seven year olds language. I tried really hard not to laugh, but she kept saying, "Eww, that is so gross!" I think I pulled it off really well and she had some great questions, some that I would never think to ask, and have never asked and I still can't find an answer for her. Does anyone know how a female body grows eggs? I can't find any info or pictures on it. I just told her that Heavenly Father grows them with our body's vitamins and minerals and that's why she should eat healthy foods and take her vitamins. She is way smarter than I sometimes give her credit for. In a way I'm glad that I got through it, but I'm also sad. It means that I have a 'big girl' now, and she will only have more questions for me, I'm sure. At least now it is an open topic with us and I hope to keep it that way. I hope she will always come to me with questions.
We will be learning everything together from now on! I mean everything! I think we might be having too much fun, if thats possible...