Sunday, April 26, 2009

Close call

Last night I started having contractions after work at about 11pm. I thought they would go away if I tried to sleep, but they only got worse. So we dropped the kids at dad and moms and went to the hospital at about 1 in the morning (thanks guys, youre the best!). I was contracting every minute and a half (they were very painful) and dialated to a one. I heard two other babies being born in the rooms down the hall which made me very nervous. I am so greatful for modern medicine. The contractions finally slowed after three doses of shots and lots of IV fluids and I stopped dialating. I am home now, still on medicine to stop the contractions, but if they dont go away completely by tomorrow morning I have to go back in. Bed rest is no fun. If any one wants to visit me this week, I would love it!
I have to say that I am very frustrated with my body right now! Why can't it just work right! Ugh!