Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Well, it has been quite a while since I have been able to log on to blogger. I am not sure why but I wasn't able to get to my account for some unknown reason. I don't even know how it is fixed now, but it is and so I have lots to say.

I did go into labor again last friday. I was at my parents house watching the kids on the pool when I thought my water broke. It wasn't this big gushing thing so I wasn't sure. There was just a puddle on the chair and when I stood up it went down my leg. I smelled it and was sure it wasn't urine (I have been dehydrated so its been smelly) but there was never a big gush so I wasn't sure what it was. I thought if it was my waterbag then I would go into labor soon so I waited about an hour before calling the doctor. Of course they wanted me to come and just to be sure. It turned out that I had a small leak that plugged itself up, but that put me into labor. So we started the crazy trebutaline shots again. My wonderful mother was able to stay with me in the hospital and witness the side effects of that drug. The alarm was going off every other minute because my heart rate was so fast, they almost gave me oxygen because I was kinda freaking out. But we made it through and the drugs worked again to stop labor and I was able to go home. We just want to make it at least two more weeks then the doc wont stop labor if it comes early. I did get the steroid shots, so I feel less stress about having a premie, but man did that hurt! My rear was sore for days! Well the nurse wasn't very nice about it either. It was my second dose so I knew what to expect, but there was no warning and she stabbed me with the needle! I totally jumped and wanted to cry (I am such a baby). I am just glad that it's over. Now I am nervous about going through labor after all this 'bed rest' because I am so out of shape and gaining weight like crazy. I dont want to think about it, changing the subject:

Clark is doing so well in school, on every honor list, I am so proud. We have our seven year wedding anniversary this month, and we are happy to report no itching. Audree will start first grade in August! She now has her yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do and is almost six years old! Ethan is a very busy three and a half year old. He says the darndest things and keeps us laughing everyday.